Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp
Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp
Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp
Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp
Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp
Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp
Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp
Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp
Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp

Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp

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High-End 3-in-1 Unit

The Yulong DA9 combines a DAC, a powerful class A headphone amplifier, and a high-current preamp in one high-end, fully balanced unit.

The DAC supports DoP64 and DoP128, and up to 384kHz/24bit PCM and native DSD256. The headphone amp has a single-ended and balanced headphone out, with the balanced amp delivering 3 watts at 32 ohms.

Complete with a gold-plated front panel, the aluminum and steel housing provides excellent isolation to interference and vibration. Key components are hand-paired to ensure linearity, and the variety of connection options includes USB, Toslink, SPDIF, and AES/EBU inputs, along with RCA/XLR outputs.

Customizable Sound Modes

The Yulong DA9 features three different customizable sound modes. Mode 1 is balanced, while mode 2 is at once delicate and firm, making it a possible preference when listening to classical music.

Meanwhile, mode 3 is laid-back with a stronger vocal presence, great for jazz and other vocal-heavy tracks. Working with these filter modes, users can get a new level of enjoyment from their favorite songs.


*  Before using DA9, it's better to warm up for at least 15 minutes. Please make sure to allow the air to circulate and to use the headphone with class A to amplify, it is normal that there is a little warm on the surface of DA9 

*  Please use high quality USB cable. Don't connect DA9  via a USB hub, or extension cable (for example most USB ports in the front of tower case). 

*  The AC power supply need to be properly grounded, otherwise it is not safe to use, at the same time the noise produced by the the other electrical equipments will be passed to DA9 from power cord, it is also possible that the loop noise will be produced among the grounding wire, PC, USB and DA9  


  • Fully balanced decoder topology
  • Fully balanced high-current preamplifier
  • Fully discrete and balanced JFET-input, DC-coupled class A headphone amplifier
  • AK4497 decoder chip paired with 1.7nV ultra-low-noise regular at reference voltage and analog supply
  • OPA1611 with ultra-low distortion for LPF and high-current OPA1622 for output buffer
  • Dop64 and Dop128 supported through SPDIF, optical, and AES
  • PCM 384kHz 24bit supported through SPDIF, optical, and AES
  • USB supports DoP64, DoP128, native DSD64, 128, 256, and PCM 16–32 bit, 32–384 kHz
  • Ultra-low-jitter PLL clock
  • Highly user-customizable digital filter
  • Customizable sound mode
  • Plitron 50VA toroidal transformer
  • 99-step volume control to pair with headphones of different impedance and sensitivity
  • Gold-plated front panel and aluminum/steel housing with claw-style suspension feet
  • Universal 110–240V mains power
    • Weight: 8.8 lbs (4 kg)