Interest Free Payments

Own it now - with 0% interest payments


We are super happy to offer Splitit as our smart credit card payment alternative for those looking to make easy installment payments over time.

At checkout, split any order you place into monthly payments.  

This service is instant. Using either your Visa or MasterCard credit cards, you can receive interest free monthly payments right when you check out.

It's super easy. No application or registration is required to be approved.

When your available credit is equal to or greater than your purchase amount on either your Visa or MasterCard, Splitit allows you to pay equal monthly installments.

You can personalize your payment plan by selecting up to 4 monthly installments.  Once you've selected an installment plan, the amount due will be split evenly through the monthly installment plan you choose. Splitit will charge your credit card every month until the plan is finished.

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Select your item/s and check out.

Step 2: At Checkout, choose Pay with Splitit

Step 3: Select your installment plan (up to 4 installations) and confirm your purchase.

Step 4: Make your monthly installment payments in-full, free of interest.  Order Complete!


You purchase a $1000 item and you choose a payment plan of 4 installments.

  • End of Month #1 = $250 Paid   l  $750 Held on your Credit Card $0 Fees
  • End of Month #2 = $250 Paid   l   $500 Held on your Credit Card $0 Fees
  • End of Month #3 = $250 Paid   l   $250 Held on your Credit Card $0 Fees
  • End of Month #4 = $250 Paid   l   $0 Held & Paid in Full $0 Fees 

While the full purchase amount is held on your credit card (ex. $1000), you will only be charged your 1st month's installment in equal parts over the months of your installment plan (ex. $250 per/month)

Make your money work harder.  Pay over time interest free!