"Silent Angel" Z1 Music Server  "Open Box"
"Silent Angel" Z1 Music Server  "Open Box"
"Silent Angel" Z1 Music Server  "Open Box"

"Silent Angel" Z1 Music Server "Open Box"

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Focus on extracting and purifying the essence of music

Feel the essence of digital music, let the music fully restore the live effect and make you be on the scene!

The Rhine river belongs to six countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, France, German and Netherland). However, here, Z1 is only for you! 

Z1 is an entry-lux music server for audiophile. The afflatus of Z1 are from the Rhine river. The intention of Z1 is to keep the intactness of music and reappear the live scene. 

Z1 is qualified for processing any type of music regardless of how intricate the streaming data is. If you are seeking bustle but miss a live concert, no worry, Z1 can restore the scene submerging you by the noise. If you are seeking tranquility after a darg, Z1 can bring mild and quiet music, like the water of Rhine tenderly encircling you to flush the all day’s tiredness away. Z1 is more like a conscientious steward not only a music server. From morning to night, spring to winter, enthusiastic to quiet and occidental to oriental, Z1 is always stand by to present the tailored music for you precisely, intactly and quickly. 

If you are curious about Z1, please browse below to explore the mystery of extracting and purifying the essential music of Z1.

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