sPS-1000 Linear Power Supply
sPS-1000 Linear Power Supply
sPS-1000 Linear Power Supply

sPS-1000 Linear Power Supply

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circuit to minimize any faint noise from the linear circuit. It also has a built-in filter to block noise from the AC power, built-in ‘output short protection circuit,’ and ‘over-temperature protection circuit’.

The sPS-1000 has three power outputs – High, Mid, Low – available on the rear panel, and each output has 4-step selectable voltage so it can connect to various audio devices.

  •  High Level output is for audio source devices like a digital media player which needs high voltage and high current like the sMS-1000 or low power PCs.
  •  Mid Level output is for most audio devices which need middle voltage and middle current like the sDP-1000.
  •  Low Level output is for small audio devices which need low voltage and low current like the dX-USB HD.

The sPS-1000 presents a rich and elegant sound with increased resolution through the stable DC power, and is a great addition to your audio system.


  • Power requirements
  • Voltage: 220Vac ~ 230Vac / 110Vac ~ 115Vac
  • Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Current: 2 Amperes / 4 Amperes
  • Dimension: 360 x 68 x 245 (mm)


  • SOtM tX-PCI and tX-PCIe USB cards
  • SOtM tx-USBhubIn/Ex USB Hubs
  • SOtM dX-USB-HD converter
  • SOtM sDP-1000 DAC
  • SOtM sMS-100 mini server
  • SOtM sMS-1000 Music Server - select standard edition
  • CAPS 3 Topanga - select standard edition  
  • CAPS 3 Carbon - select standard edition      
  • CAPS 3 Laguna - select standard edition     
  • CAPS 3 Zuma - select CAPS edition